Animal Jam Rules & Safety Guide for Parents

Animal Jam is a very fun virtual online world for children that was developed with National Geographic. In Animal Jam, children can play as an animal character and run around playing games, chatting with friends, entering contests, and building a home for their animal character. The animals are very cool and unique in Animal Jam, with some being exotic while others are animals that are endangered in real life. The children will have a den for their animals, and they can dress up the animals and decorate their den home as well. There is an online store where they can purchase items, such as clothing, hats, glasses, and anything to put inside their den to furnish it.

While there are games and other cool features in the Animal Jam virtual world, there is a lot of educational aspects of this online game for children. Children learn about how to take care of animals, how animals eat and sleep, what makes animals unique, and they learn all about the endangered animals and how they can help them in real life. Other things you can do in the game include collect in-game currency, with there being a regular currency and a premium currency. The premium currency costs real money, although you can get some premium currency free if you are a member.

You can choose to play Animal Jam either on the free membership or the paid membership. The paid membership in Animal Jam includes extras and benefits, such as free premium currency, more animal characters that can be adopted, member-only dens and accessories, and much more. While Animal Jam might be good for children ages 4 to 13, there are a ton of people inside and outside of that age range that enjoy playing Animal Jam. We thought it would be a good idea to tell you about some of the safety rules that Animal Jam has in place to protect the children as they play the game.

This includes rules that the children have to follow and agree to as a player in order to keep playing the game. Since it is summertime, you might be looking for a game to get your child involved in, and this is definitely one of the best options out there since it is educational as well. If you want your child to be playing an educational game this summer, then read on to learn how and why Animal Jam is one of the safest virtual online worlds and games for children out there right now.

Animal Jam Safety Rules Parents Should Know

Parental Controls- Did you know that Animal Jam has a lot of parental controls available? Animal Jam has a Parent Dashboard that the player has to setup in order to play the game. You will be able to activate your account and login to the Parent Dashboard in order to see what your child is doing, and you can cancel or reactivate the paid membership from here too. You can monitor messages and other player account information right from the Parent Dashboard. You can disable the account from there too, and then re-enable the account anytime you want as well.

Various Chat Filters- There are a ton of high-tech chat filters in place within Animal Jam. Inappropriate language and messages are blocked. There is more than one type of in-game chat that you can choose for your child as well, with some being more strict while others let children type what they want. There is also a special chat for people with the paid membership. Even though there is top of the line filters and technology used to block inappropriate content, sometimes words can get through the filter so you still should keep an eye on your child.

Advertisements– There are no outside advertisements in Animal Jam, which is really cool as well. Your child will not have to worry about advertisements and the types of advertisements that might be inappropriate for your child to see. No vital information is used for the few advertisements that are used within Animal Jam.

Moderation- There is a lot of moderation in the game as well, including real human Animal Jam staff members who are looking at content and activities. All reports are looked at 24 hours a day 7 days a week, and this happens every day of the year. If someone is found to be breaking rules, the moderation team will work to either suspend or block the player if needed, and sometimes permanent bans are also put into place. You will get a message through your Parent Dashboard if there is a ban or suspension on your child’s account or if there is anything going on.

Blocking & Reporting- There is also a great reporting system in Animal Jam, and there is also the ability to block people if you feel they are being inappropriate. You can block players who are being rude or mean, and then report them to the moderation team immediately. You also can lock your own dens in the game so that other people who are not friends with you do not have access to your den and cannot get a hold of you. You will need to remove people from your Buddy List in order for them to be blocked from getting a hold of you.

Animal Jam Rules Children Must Agree To

In Animal Jam, there are also rules children must agree to in order to play the game. These rules are pretty simple and it mostly comes down to being nice. We are going to go over just a couple of these rules, which can help parents feel safer with their child playing Animal Jam.

Being Nice- A rule children have to agree to is just being nice. Do not be mean or rude to other players, including things like bullying or being inappropriate. You do not want to try to swear or use language that could be offensive to other players. You cannot use illegal or racist language, and you cannot do anything that would break the law or create an unsafe environment. As a player, you agree to be nice and be cool to everyone you come into contact with. If someone is bothering you, do not “fight” back but report them to the moderation team and block them instead. They will be taken care of by the moderation team.

Respect Rights of Others– The player agreement and rules also includes respecting the rights and the privacy of other people, including not copying personal information of someone else onto the site. This includes never plagiarizing content or never using unauthorized content from other people.

Never Give Out Personal Information- You also agree as a player that you will never give out personal information whether it is of yourself or someone else. Personal information in this case means your login information to Animal Jam, never giving out the username or password to anyone. No one in the Animal Jam staff will ask for this information, so if someone asks then it is a scam. You also should never give out names, emails, addresses, phone numbers or anything else that could identify you or someone else, even if you really know the person you are chatting with in real life. You agree to keep your personal information and the information of other people private, and never give this out to anyone for any reason. Anything that happens on your account, such as something that is a bannable offense, it is on you. This is why it is important to never give out your information to other people, because you are held liable for whatever happens.

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