Animal Jam Rules – How To Play Right!

Animal Jam is a really cool game for children where you can go online and play with friends, chat with friends, and explore a virtual world full of adventure and learning. In Animal Jam, you have pets and animals that you can learn about while also creating and adopting pets which are used as your avatar and characters in the game. You can play Animal Jam either using the free membership or you can sign up and pay real money for the VIP membership.

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The paid membership to Animal Jam obviously offers you more perks, such as more ways to earn in-game currency, as well as more dens and pets that you can purchase. Regardless of whether you have the free membership or paid membership to Animal Jam, there are certain rules every player of Animal Jam must agree to. Failure to adhere or agree to certain rules could result in the suspension or permanent banning of your account. We thought it would be a good idea to go over what the main rules on Animal Jam are that each player has to agree to before becoming a member of Animal Jam.

Animal Jam Rules Players Must Agree To

Must be Nice– One of the fundamental rules on Animal Jam you must agree to as a player is to be nice. This means that you will not be mean when making postings on Animal Jam. Mean postings can include anything that is obscene in nature or threatening, as well as not true or racist. Bullying is not tolerated at all on Animal Jam, which is why you have to agree to never make a post that contains liesi about someone else or hurtful comments. You also cannot make postings on Animal Jam which encourage illegal activities or encourage someone to break laws. This is all part of being a good citizen in the game and you must be a good citizen or else your account could easily be permanently banned.

You Need to Respect Privacy- When it comes to Animal Jam, players also must agree to respect the rights and privacy of other players. This means that players need to agree to never post personal information regarding other players or anyone else even if they do not play Animal Jam. The rights of others also includes you as a player agreeing not to post plagiarized materials, which is when you copy the work of someone else. You also will not try to say you are someone you are not and you agree not to say someone agrees with the things you say when they do not. If someone tells you something that is private, then you need to make sure you never share it online at Animal Jam or post a comment about it anywhere. If someone tells you something in which you think is serious, such as a threat of suicide or threat to harm someone else, then you need to email staff right away, but do not share this information over the public forums.

Be Honest With Your Information- If you change your name or mailing address or any other personal information when you have a paid membership, you need to tell Animal Jam immediately. You agree that you will always provide true and accurate information about yourself, such as location and other needed information when you sign up for the paid membership account on Animal Jam. If you do not keep your account information up to date and accurate, you could get your membership canceled by Animal Jam and WildWorks. You will also agree as a player that your account information will be kept away from anyone else, meaning no one will know your account information such as login username or password or any financial information on your account. If you think someone has used or accessed your membership then you need to email Animal Jam support immediately in order to keep your account and membership in good standing.

No Business Advertisements- As an Animal Jam player you also must agree to never use Animal Jam to try to get people to buy your products or services. Animal Jam is a game for children so you cannot post business advertisements, even if it is something minor such as giving out a link for the product or service. You also cannot try to get donations from Animal Jam members, even if you are using crowdfunding for a good cause, such as to help someone with medical bills. There is no way around this rule and if you break this rule, Animal Jam staff could invalidate your membership and account permanently. If there is a worthwhile cause you think that should be promoted on Animal Jam, you can try to email the staff, such as if there is something with National Geographic going on or another animal related cause, but never just post this information yourself because you will be in trouble.

No Intentional Damaging- When it comes to Animal Jam, you also agree to not damage the website or game intentionally. This means posting anything which might contain programs or hardware which is designed to harm the website or make it run in a different manner. This includes damage by viruses or corrupt files. If you try to mess with the site such as messing with the source code or trying to disassemble the site, your paid membership will be canceled and you will no longer to be able to use the website or play Animal Jam. When it comes to trying to intentionally damage the website, you will be most likely permanently banned, even if it is your first offense because this has a zero tolerance policy associated with it. If you saved a screen shot and then emailed it for the artwork contests, but you accidentally attached a virus to it because your computer has a virus, you are still likely to get banned. If you think you accidentally did something like this, it is best to email Animal Jam support immediately to try to fix the situation so you do not get banned permanently by the staff of Animal Jam.

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