Animal Jam Player FAQ Guide

Animal Jam might be one of the best virtual worlds out there for children, but you probably have some questions as a player of the game. While a lot of things in Animal Jam are self-explanatory, it is a good idea to know what some of the most common questions and answers are when it comes to playing the game. Whether you are using the free membership or the VIP membership, you probably will have some questions starting off in Animal Jam in the world of Jamaa.

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Knowing the answers to these questions will help you have more fun in the game and it will also help you because you will be able to get through more adventures without problems. We are now going to tell you some of the most common questions that people have when they play Animal Jam.

Common Animal Jam Player Questions

Getting Items Back into the Shop– In Animal Jam, new items and accessories are always coming to the shop. When new items and accessories come into the shop, older items, and accessories have to be cleared out in order for there to be room for these new items. This means that sometimes you will be looking for an item, such as clothing or an accessory, and it is no longer in the shop. If you want to get an item back into the shop, the best way to do this is to contact Animal Jam HeadQuarters and ask them if they are going to bring the item back. Sometimes if there is enough support from the players, items will be brought back. If you want to contact the staff, click on the purple question mark icon and then type in the question.

Trading-You also can trade in Animal Jam so if an item is not in the shop anymore, you can ask other players about the item and then trade with them if they have that item you want and you have an item they want. Remember to make sure you are trading with players in the game who are legit and have been around a while, and trade through only the proper channels. If there is an item you want but someone is acting a little off or suspicious about the trade, then just simply say “no thanks” because there are people out there looking to scam you. Be aware of players who have trades that are too good to be true and report players who you think might be trying to scam you or others.

Getting Plaques- Plaques are given out as awards in Animal Jam, and these plaques are for players who really stand out in Animal Jam. These plaques are known as Animal Jam HeadQuarters awards, and you will be able to display these items in your den if you win one. There are many reasons you might win a plaque including getting your artwork on Jammer Central, your howl being featured on Jammer Central, and being a member of the AJ News Crew. You also can get a plaque for getting a perfect score on the Online Safety Quiz, having your question answered by Brady Barr or Tierney Thys, and winning a Jammer Snaps contest. You can win a plaque regardless of whether or not you have a paid membership to Animal Jam or just play on the free membership.

Non-Member Benefits– If you do not get the VIP membership to Animal Jam you might be wondering what the benefits and limitations are. Paid memberships allow you to have exclusive items, features, and content, but being a non-member still allows you to enjoy most of what Animal Jam has to offer. These non-member features include going on adventures, exploring Jamaa, earning gems through playing games, trading with other players, decorating dens, and hosting parties. As a non-paying member, you will also be able to watch all videos, dress up your animals, adopt pets, earn prizes, fill in your Journey Book, submit artwork and howls through Jammer Central and win free Diamonds and gems via the Daily Spin.

Codes Not Working- In Animal Jam, there might be times when you get free codes through Animal Jam HeadQuarters. These codes are often given out in the forms of free gems, prizes, and special items, but you should know these codes often times have an expiration date associated with them. If you get a code from Animal Jam HeadQuarters that you need to redeem, you might have some issues with the code not working, and the code being expired is the most common problem. To fix this issue or prevent it, you need to redeem your codes right away to ensure that you get the cool prize offered to you from Animal Jam HeadQuarters. The Daily Explorer is the best place to go if you are wanting to keep your eyes out for the newest codes being given away in the game. You will be able to learn about the new codes being offered and also this is where the newest contests and features of the game will be announced to players.

Redeeming Codes- If you want to redeem your code then you just need to login to the game by typing out your username and password. Once you filled that out, click the box that says “I have a code to enter” and then type out the code. You then will want to press the play button on the main login screen. Once you get into Jamaa, the item or prize you redeemed with the code will be waiting for you.

Make sure you type in the code on the login screen after your username and password before you hit play. No worries if you forget, though, simply log out of Animal Jam and then proceed to log back into the game, typing out the code before you press play. You can only redeem each code once, so if you try to redeem it again, it will pop up with a message saying the code was already redeemed. You will get the prize right away in your account, which is cool because you will not have to wait for your item or prize to appear once you have logged into the game and get into Jamaa.

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