Animal Jam: Player Account Questions & Answers

Animal Jam is a game where you can play in a virtual world and go on cool adventures with different animals. You can play Animal Jam on a free membership or get the paid membership which provides you with more animals, dens and accessories. There are a lot of questions that players of Animal Jam have when it comes to their account.


We thought it would be a good idea to tell you about some of the most common questions Animal Jam players have regarding their account, and also answer those questions for you. If this is your first time playing Animal Jam this little guide could come in handy whether you have the free membership or paid membership to the game.

Animal Jam Player Account Guide:

Forgetting Username– Sometimes when you play Animal Jam, you might forget your username. This is common if you just signed up for Animal Jam and have not logged into the game very often. If you forgot your username, simply ask your parent to login to their Parent Dashboard. The Parent Dashboard will show every player account and username that is tied to the Parent Dashboard.

The My Settings Option- There are many features and customizations available in Animal Jam, all of which are under “My Settings” in the player account. The “My Settings” lets you really customize your gaming experience. To get to the “My Settings” area click on the upper-right corner where the gear icon is located. You will be able to turn Game Invites on and off through here.

You will also be able to turn Buddy Requests on or off in this area as well. If you turn this feature off though, no one will be able to send you a buddy request and you will not be able to send any to other players either. You can lock and unlock your Den as well as change what your Cursor looks like here as well. You will also be able to hear the Doorbell and customize this which allows you to hear when another player enters your Animal Jam Den. You will also be able to turn on or off the sounds, choose which World you want to be in and change or look at your Membership status as well.

Sufficient Privileges Banner– If you get the message that your account does not have sufficient privileges to play right now, this means your account has been disabled from the Parent Dashboard. This means you will not be able to login to the game and play, and you need to talk to your parent to figure out why that is and how or what you need to do in order to begin playing Animal Jam again. Some parents will disable the Animal Jam account as a way of discipline if you had bad grades or failed to do chores around the house, so talk it over with your parent before you get too anxious over that banner.

Changing Username- You can change your username but you only can change it one time, so make sure if you change it that it is something you want to stick with forever. You will have to email Animal Jam HeadQuarters if you want your username changed. In that email you need to give your current username, the parent email address, four new username options, and Animal Jam transaction ID if you have an Animal Jam membership. Even if you do not get the first username you wanted in your group of four, one of those four will likely be used as long as they follow the rules of Animal Jam.

Tips for Protecting Your Password

Choose a Strong Password- Most of the time hacks happen because passwords are too easy to guess. You can stop hacks from happening by choosing a password you will remember, but other people will not know. This could be anything such as a combination of first letters of pets you have owned or it couldu be something else such as the first few words of your favorite songs mixed up in combination. Never use any part of your name or anything in your password because this is just too easy for people to possibly guess.

Use Letter and Number Password Combinations- When you are making your password, always go for uppercase and lowercase letters in your password. You want to also have at least one number in your password as well, which can make it harder for people to hack into your account. You also can change it up by putting the number in the beginning instead of the end such as “Gra12hfs” which also helps secure your password even more than having the numbers just at the end.

Never Use Username- When you are about to set your password, do not use any part of your username in that password. Using part of your username is one of the worst ways to stay safe in Animal Jam because this is one of the first things someone will try if they want to hack into your account.

Don’t Use Common Words- In your password you want to never use common words or phrases since these are also very easy to guess. You want to avoid words or phrases associated with Animal Jam, such as “Alpha” or “Phantom” and want to make sure you do not use words associated with real life that are common either.

Keep Password Private- You also want to keep your password private, which means do not share your password with anyone either in real life for the game. If someone had your password they could easily login to your account and change things or spend your hard earned gems. Never give anyone this password because if they did something wrong, it could lead to your account being banned even if it was not you that did anything.

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