Animal Jam Pet Guide: All About the Wolf

Did you know there are a ton of pets you can collect in Animal Jam? Animal Jam is one of the best places for children to go online because they can learn about pets while playing games. You can learn about endangered animals as well as habitats these creatures live in. The wolf is one of the animals you can get in Animal Jam, but do you know anything about the wolf? We wanted to get into details about the animals you will find on Animal Jam.

You can play Animal Jam using the free membership or the paid membership. The paid membership gives you a ton of extra benefits. This could include new exclusive pets, dens, clothing items, and parties for members. The wolf is one of the animals that were put out for non-members, which means you do not need the VIP membership to get this pet. Read on to learn more about the wolf and why you might want to pick this animal in Animal Jam.

All About the Animal Jam Wolf & Trivia

The wolf has been in Animal Jam since 2010, and it was one of the six animals released during beta testing. If you have just signed up for Animal Jam, the wolf is one of the pets you can choose from. The animal has smaller round eyes, and has grayish-white under-belly with grayish-blue fur on top. You will notice the wolf has a blue nose and pink paws and pink on the inside of the ears. The fangs are sharp, giving the wolf a very realistic appearance. Wolves have a slouched back and also seem to be pretty lightweight.

As for the trivia, there is an Arctic Wolf, which is the exclusive members-only version of the wolf. The wolf has a plush animal counterpart, which has a chicken hat and lighting bolt addition. If you are in Greely’s Inferno, there is a cave that is only available and open if you are a wolf. A few of the non-member animals have their own cave, and the wolf is one of these animals. The default appearance of the wolf did change, as previously it had ebony eyes. Those eyes were pretty flat, so they were switched to the rounder eyes. The eyes were also red during the initial beta testing, and that is no longer the case.

More Animal Jam Wolf Trivia

The wolf will look like it has a bigger chest if it is dancing with the sheep cloak on. In Jamma, the wolf was the first canine-related animal put out for the game. The fox was the second canine-related animal out in Animal Jam. The Hidden Falls is an adventure in which only a few animals can go on, and the wolf is one of those few animals. Other animals that can go on Hidden Falls include the tiger, arctic fox, and arctic wolf. Not many other animals have these special abilities or special places they can go, which what makes the wolf so great in Animal Jam.

If a wolf wears the Mech Angel Wings, and a foot item that is large, there is a glitch where the paws will go through the wings. The wolf has to dance in order for this glitch to occur. Lastly, if you put the Phantom Tail Armor on a wolf, and then the wolf hops, the armor looks like it is floating above the tail. These are just some of the amazing facts and trivia out there about the wolf in Animal Jam. If you are new to Jamaa, you might want to check out making the wolf your first animal. The wolf is strong, courageous, and also is very useful. You will be surprised at everything you can do with the wolf, including going into those caves that only a wolf has the ability to open up. All of the animals found in Animal Jam are great though. We suggest you get the wolf as a free member and then if you get the VIP membership, try out the members-only wolf too.

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