Animal Jam Panda Guide & Trivia

Did you know that the panda recently returned to Animal Jam? We know a lot of people were not happy when the panda left back in late 2014, since it was an endangered animal according to Animal Jam headquarters. The panda is one of the cutest animals in Animal Jam, which as you know, is a very cool virtual world for kids.

You can play Animal Jam on both a free membership or paid membership. The paid membership offers you more exclusive pets, items, dens, and clothing items. Regardless of whether or not you have the free membership or paid membership, you can own the panda. We thought we would tell you some cool information about the Animal Jam pets, beginning with the panda.

Animal Jam Pet Panda Facts & Information

As previously stated, the panda was first released back in 2010 but left in October 2014. The reason the panda left Animal Jam was that Animal Jam headquarters said it was an endangered animal. The panda is one of the earliest animals on Animal Jam. During beta testing, there were six animals, and the panda was one of these animals. It is a non-member animal, which means that those on a free membership can collect and use the panda. People were very sad when the panda left and in July 2017, it was announced the panda was coming back.

As far as the appearance of the panda, the default one has greyish-purple fur with a white under-belly. The face is mostly white except for the patches and white swirl designs are found in the ears. The eyes are blue and black and the eye type is round. The panda also has a very dark blue nose, and it is a very cute looking animal. There are a few different iterations of the panda, but they will mostly look like the default option unless the user has changed it. Now, are you ready to learn some interesting trivia facts about the panda?

Animal Jam Panda Trivia

Some trivia for you is that the first tail item found in Animal Jam was the Skully. It was removed shortly after showing up because when it was put on the panda, it looked really inappropriate. Did you know that there are only two bears in Animal Jam? The panda and the polar bears are the only two species of bears on Animal Jam. If you go into the Search for Greely adventure, there is a Pandas-Only gate. The pandas also have an animated short called Pet Peeved, and you should check this out.

Other facts are that there was a Panda pet released back in 2015, and it is simply adorable. The heart locket when put on the panda looks like it is around the mouth, instead of looking like it is around the neck. If you look in the preview, the locket will look like it is around the neck as it is supposed to. During the play action time, the new Skully does not show up. Did you know the Scary Bat Wings when put on a panda will look orange when the panda plays? If you use a sword with your panda, it will appear that the sword has doubled. There are only a few animals where the sword will look like it has doubled, with the panda being one of these animals. The other animals are the sheep, sloth, pig, and hyena. Try out these animals with the sword and you will see what we mean.

There was a whole panda collection put out when the pandas returned in 2017. The collection includes the panda sofa, chair, beanbag, window, rug, lamp, and the parasol. An armoire, as well as a bamboo flue were also part of the panda collection. This was all in celebration for the return of the panda to Animal Jam. Lastly, if you put the Feathered Bird Hat on a panda, you will not see this hat unless you are in the player tab.

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