Animal Jam Land Guides – Areas in the Game

Animal Jam is a very neat virtual world for children where they can go and learn about animals as well as play games and chat with friends. In Animal Jam you can go on many different adventures with a virtual pet of your choice, and then you can use your pet to explore and create your own home in Jamaa.

You can play Animal Jam using a free membership or choosing to get the paid membership. If you have the paid membership then you can do more things in Animal Jam, such as have more dens, earn more in game currency, and also get exclusive items from the store. Regardless of your membership status on Animal Jam, you will be able to explore the different land areas of the game.

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In Animal Jam there are 7 different land areas and we wanted to tell you a little bit about each land area. Knowing all of these land areas and what they offer will help you better enjoy your time in Animal Jam. You will also find that you are able to see new animals and plants by exploring all of these locations. There are so many games and hidden gems in each location that you really need to spend time checking them out so you can experience the full Animal Jam world.

Animal Jam Land Areas

Coral Canyons- Coral Canyons is a very unsafe location in Animal Jam. It is unsafe because there is a lot of wildlife, plants and rocks that inhabit this location. When you go into the Coral Canyons in Animal Jam you want to visit the Bridge, which is pretty fun if you get a lot of Jammers on it at once. The Art Studio, Epic Wonders Shop and Den Shop are all located in Coral Canyons. You will find this place at the top of the map on Animal Jam, but be careful if you decide to visit there.

Appondale- Appondale is very coolo because this is all savannah land and there are many wild animals that live there. You will be able to go into the Conservation Museum or you can go swimming in the mudpits. This is one of the best places to go in Animal Jam due to the plants and animals that inhabit this location and you will learn a lot being in here. This location is on the far left of the Animal Jam map and it is only connected to Jamma Township. There are games like Disc Toss at this land area too that you can play.

Jamma Township- If you have played Animal Jam for any amount of time you have probably heard of Jamma many times. This is the main location in Animal Jam and this is where a lot of new players begin their journey. It is a great place to hang out and meet new friends and play games, and you will find that it is always busy with players running around and enjoying the adventures.

Mt. Shiveer- This is the only location in Animal Jam where you will find the arctic theme. There is an ice rink in this location which is really fun to go in and play on as well. The animals in this location of course are animals known to inhabit cold environments like polar bears, so be careful because it is cold and many big animals live in this world.

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Lost Temple of Zios– If you want to know some history about Jamma head to this location because there is a lot of history being taught about the game here. You can go to the Chamber of Knowledge to learn this information and you also can go to Brady’s Bar Lab if you want to check out some chemistry experiments.

Kimbara Outback- This is basically like the real outback you would find in Australia, and it is actually modeled after that outback so it looks very real. You will find a lot of people in this area exploring the lands which are full of cool animals and plant life.

Sarepia Forest- Right in the middle of the Animal Jam map you will find the Sarepia Forest. This is way up there in the trees and it is a very beautiful and peaceful place to go in Animal Jam. You can head there and watch a movie at the theater. There is also a slide and campfire at this location as well as a few cool games to keep you busy. Some games that are here include The Claw, Pill Bugs, and Wind Rider.

Crystal Sands– If you are looking for a more relaxing getaway head here to visit the beach and pretend you are surfing the waves with the ocean life. You will see this area where all of the oceans are in Animal Jam and you can head out to sea or explore just the land around the water. You will find some cool games in this location as well such as Touch Pool, Pet Wash, and Double Up. You also will find fun attractions here as well like the aquarium.

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