Animal Jam: How To Guide for Common Game Components

Animal Jam is a virtual browser-based game for children where they can use animal characters to explore a world known as Jamaa. You can play Animal Jam whether you have a free membership or a paid membership, although you will get many perks and benefits for being a VIP member of the game. Animal Jam can be played whether you have a young child or older child, with adventures and exploration available for all ages.


If this is your first time playing Animal Jam, you might be wondering how to do some of the more basic things in the game, such as suggesting dictionary words or submitting your artwork for consideration for a weekly award. If you are wondering how to do some of the common components of the game, then continue reading as we tell you all about it.

Animal Jam Easy How To Guide

Suggesting Animal Jam Chat Words– As you might have noticed, if you have a VIP membership you have a fairly unrestricted chat. Without a membership however, you will just have the Restricted Chat, which means you are limited in your communications to just simple pre-approved words and phrases. If you think you know a word that Animal Jam should be adding to the Restricted Chat dictionary, you can contact Animal Jam and let them know. If you and your friends have codewords for parts of the game though or certain activities, certainly suggest they be added as well, especially if a lot of people use a slang word for an animal or game.

To suggest a word, all you have to do is click that purple question mark icon which shows up by the chat box. When the pop-up appears, just type out the word and then click on submit. The staff at Animal Jam reviews all of the suggestions everyday, and if your word seems like a good fit for Restricted Chat it will quickly be added to the pre-approved word list. Remember that you can only suggest words that are suitable for children and players of the game. Words that are possibly inappropriate in nature will not be added to the dictionary so there is no reason to submit any word you feel might be questionable or violate the rules of Animal Jam.

How to Advance to Safe Chat- If you are playing Animal Jam, you might notice there are different chat options, with the most liberal chat option being Safe Chat. Safe Chat is only available if you have a paid membership to Animal Jam, and a parent needs to provide consent for their child to use Safe Chat through the Parent Dashboard. Even if you have a VIP membership to Animal Jam, if you do not get the consent from a parent to use Safe Chat, you will not be allowed. This means you need to ensure your parent knows about Safe Chat, is okay with you using Safe Chat, and consents to it via the Parent Dashboard.

The chat options can be adjusted and changed at anytime via the Parent Dashboard as well, so you do not have to keep Safe Chat if you do not like it. Even though Safe Chat is the more liberal chat out of the options available in Animal Jam, the words still go through a filter and moderation system to ensure that they are appropriate for Animal Jam, and this happens regardless of having a VIP membership to get Safe Chat.

Sending Ideas to Animal Jam HeadQuarters- If you think that you have an idea for Animal Jam and Jamaa, you can submit ideas to the Animal Jam staff over at HeadQuarters. Sometimes players think of items they would want for the game or have previous items that they want to come back into the shop. Other times players contact Animal Jam HeadQuarters because they have a good idea for a game that would be really cool to implement into Animal Jam. Animal Jam HeadQuarters is always reviewing suggestions that players send in, so make sure you send in your suggestions and it might be used. If you would like to send Animal Jam HeadQuarters your suggestions all you need to do is click on the purple question mark which is by the chat bar. Just type in the idea you have or suggestion for an item you want to see return to Animal Jam and click on submit to send your ideas to the staff. You can do this as many times as you would like and there is no limit to the amount of suggestions each player can give.

Submitting Artwork- All through Jamaa there are contests and sweepstakes where players are asked to submit artwork in order to have a chance to win cool prizes such as Diamonds. Even if you just want to submit artwork for fun you can do that as well. You can head over to Art Studio in Coral Canyons and then use the Painting Activity to make something really cool, and then you can just click on “Send to AJ” at the bottom and your work is automatically sent to Animal Jam HeadQuarters. If you submit your artwork and it is picked by the staff, you might see it on “Daily Explorer” in the artwork section, and if it is a contest then you might win some cool items and currency if your artwork is the best out of the submissions.

That is not the only way you can send artwork to Animal Jam HeadQuarters though. You also can save your artwork on your computer, making sure it is in .png or .jpg. Head over to Jammer Central in Jamaa Township, then click on the “Submit Your Work” button. There will be a “+” that you need to click, then find the file on your computer and attach your artwork. After the artwork has been uploaded from your computer and attached onto the file, you can click “Submit” and your artwork is then submitted to Animal Jam HeadQuarters. Make sure that you are submitting artwork to Animal Jam that you have created yourself and you are not submitting artwork from another person, it has to be unique.

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