Animal Jam Guide: What To Know about the Lion

You can play Animal Jam either on a free membership or a paid membership. The paid membership gives you exclusive items, dens, clothing, and pets. The lion is one of the pets that are offered to the members, which means you cannot get this animal on a free membership. We thought we would tell you a little bit more about the lion and how this fierce animal has captivated many people on Animal Jam.

Animal Jam Lion Guide

As mentioned, the lion is an animal that only members will have access to in Animal Jam. This animal first appeared in Animal Jam back in late 2011. At that time, you have to buy the Membership Gift Pack in order to get the lion, since the lion was a promotional gift at that time. In May 2013, Animal Jam began to offer the lion through the Diamond Shop. This meant if you have enough Diamonds saved up, which are the premium currency of the game, you could get a lion. It is very hard for someone who is not a member to get the Diamonds. The best thing to do is get the VIP membership that way you can earn a ton of Diamonds and also get this amazing creature as your animal.

As you might expect, the lion has a very muscular appearance and is pretty big. The dark yellow body of the lion blends well with the purple-gray mane that it has. The mane is flowing and looks very cool, and similar to what the real mane on a lion looks like. There are two canine teeth sticking out of the bottom of the jaw, just like you would see with a real lion. The eyes are pupil-less and are dark green. If you have collected any of the other cats available in Animal Jam, then you know that the lion is much larger than any of the other cats offered in the game. If you are in Jamaa, it is very easy to spot the lion from a mile away due to the size.

Animal Jam Lion Trivia

When it comes to trivia, in Jamaa, the lion is the biggest animal available to play. In reality, the tiger is the biggest cat out of the cat family. A special lion was also put out with the Membership Gift Card, which gave you the “King of the Jungle” lion. This was the nickname of the real-life lion this Animal Jam pet was named after. If you try to purchase a lion with the Diamonds, you cannot get the “King of the Jungle” name. Did you also know that the lion was the first special promotional animal to come with the Membership Gift Cards?

In Animal Jam, you only have the option to choose the male lion since there is not a female option available. If you head to the coloring pages, you will see a female lion you can color, and she had a small cub with her. For the actual gameplay though, only the male lion is available. There are also a lot of glitches that can happen with the lion, more so than with other animals it seems. Mostly the mane is responsible for these glitches, so you will see head item and neck item glitches. Since a lion really does not have a neck but has the long mane, that causes some cool glitches to happen every now and again.

The pet lion is available to purchase if you want to spend the 3 Diamonds in the Diamond Shop to get it. This is the pet counterpart to the animal, so you can end up getting both if you want. The lions also have a short on Animal Jam called “Lion Flat” and you should definitely check this out if you get a chance. Right now, the lions are out traveling, and have been traveling since May 2017. This is just some of the cool information and trivia out there in Animal Jam about the lion. Lions are very strong creatures and are a thing of beauty. If you want to check out the lion, you must be a member of Animal Jam, but it is well worth the money to see this animal in action.

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