Animal Jam Guide: Protecting Items & Basic Rules

Animal Jam is a great game for children where they can interact and play games or go on missions. Animal Jam can be played either through a free membership or paid membership, with the paid membership giving you more benefits to the game. As a new player in Animal Jam, you might be wondering about what some of the basic rules are, especially when it comes to keeping your items safe in your account.

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We thought it would be a good idea to tell you about how you can protect your items earned in the game, as well as tell you about some of the basic Animal Jam rules. Knowing how to protect your items in Animal Jam will help you have more fun in the game, and knowing the rules will ensure your account and membership is always in good standing.

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Protecting Animal Jam Items

Never Use 3rd Party Websites– There are many websites out there that will offer you a free membership just by giving out your information. You never want to give out any of your Animal Jam information such as username or password as this is usually the work of hackers. These 3rd party websites and programs can harm your account and lead you to being banned from Animal Jam. Third party websites also can be bad in terms of it could lead to a virus getting onto your computer, which could also end up harming other important information such as bank website logins. Make sure you are only using legit websites to look for codes and information and never download any suspected trojans or malware even if it says you will get something free for Animal Jam in return.

Never Give Out Password- This goes as one of the biggest rules out there to protect your items and account. You never want to give anyone your password because anything they do on your account comes back on you. Giving out your password is a common way to get hacked and can lead to someone stealing valuable items you might have collected, especially if you have a paid membership.

Never Send Gifts as Trade- If you trade in Animal Jam you do not want to send a player a gift as part of that trade. Use the Animal Jam Trading System to ensure that the person you are trading with is legit and not trying to scam you, and only trade with people you feel comfortable with. Never trade items you still want, and only trade items you are sure you no longer need or want. You do not want to ever feel bad for keeping items, so make sure you report those who are trying to pressure you into sending a gift or item in trade. Trading is only for items you know you want to get rid of and if you are not sure, then just keep that item and maybe trade it later on.

Never Exchange Items for Membership Codes- You can get membership codes for free and in a legit way by going to The Daily Explorer or the National Geographic Kids website. The Jamaa Journal also has free membership codes available here and there. Never give an item in exchange for a membership code because it is likely a scam and the code probably does not work. Beyond that, giving away the membership codes is against Animal Jam rules and could get you or the other person banned from the game. Only use the mentioned legit sources to find the membership codes.

Basic Animal Jam Rules

Do Not Use Bad Language– You do not want to use hateful, bullying or bad language in Animal Jam. If you are an Animal Jam paid member, you will have a less restricted chat, but you still need to use appropriate language. There are filters in place to ensure good language but sometimes words can get around that, and if you get caught using bad words or negative words you could be banned from the game. There are chat filters in place and various chat options that the parents can go to in the Parent Dashboard if they do not feel you are old enough for the less restricted chat option. This can also be changed at any time through the Parent Dashboard as well.

No Inappropriate Relationships- Since Animal Jam is a virtual world for children, there cannot be any inappropriate relationships or party themes going on in the game. This might include a more romantic or sexual type of relationship or themed party. If you are caught getting a little too flirty or sexual with another player in the game, you might be banned. Keep everything in Animal Jam kid-friendly, and if you want to date then go on a dating app and not a children’s game.

Never Cheat- If you cheat in Animal Jam, such as using codes, third party programs or scamming players, you will be banned. Cheating is not tolerated in Animal Jam and anyone found to be breaking that rule is quickly dealt with by the staff.

Never Ask for Personal Information– Just as you should keep your personal information private, you also do not want to ask anyone else for their personal information either. Personal information includes school name, real name, email address, home address, phone number, passwords and other types of information someone could use to identify you in real life.

Always Report Players- If you think someone is breaking the rules, then you can report them. You can block players in Animal Jam and this is what you should do if you are being harassed or bullied. You want to protect yourself and items by reporting players you do not feel comfortable with or around. The staff then will look at these reports and determine if any action should be taken against these players. You will not get into trouble for reporting a player you think is breaking the rules, even if the player is found not to be breaking the rules. In this case, it is better to be safe than sorry so never hesitate to block and report players who you are uncomfortable around.

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