Animal Jam Guide: All About the Tiger

Animal Jam is a great game for kids where they can go into a virtual world and learn about different animals. You can chat, play games, socialize, dress up your animal avatar, create a home for them, and so much more. Animal Jam is available with either a free membership or a paid membership. The paid membership gives you access to exclusive items for members, and also offers premium currency known as Diamonds. Gems are the currency best known in the game, since these are for those on the free membership.

Did you know that there are a lot of different pets and animals in Animal Jam? We thought it would be a good idea to begin telling you about these animals. Some of the animals we covered here a couple weeks ago. We are continuing to tell you about these Animal Jam animals so that when you play Animal Jam, you can pick the right animal for you. Here is some information about the Tiger, which is one of the many animals featured in Animal Jam.

Animal Jam Guide: What to Know About the Tiger

In Animal Jam, the Tiger is a land animal that is available for all Jammers. This means you can get the Tiger if you are on a free membership to Animal Jam. It first appeared back in July 2010, and the species is the Bengal Tiger. The Alpha name for this animal is Sir Gilbert, and this tiger was one of the first felines introduced to the game. When you sign up for Animal Jam, the tiger is one of the default animals you can choose. The tiger has been around a long time since this was one of the few pets released during the Animal Jam beta testing.

If you want to purchase the tiger, it will cost you 1,000 gems and it only lives on the land. As far as the appearance of the tiger, it has a ginger-colored coat, cream colored underside, and has blue stripes. The eyes are olive green and they are flat. The nose and paw pads are a magenta color, and there is an underbite going on with the teeth. Inside of the mouth, there is a reddish-brown coloring, which is similar to what you would see in the wild. The front paws are much bigger than the back paws, and the tiger also has a hunched type of posture. The head is flat and wide and the lower body is rather small. The tiger in Animal Jam is very similar to the appearance of the tiger in real life, so it is realistic and very distinctive.

Animal Jam Tiger Trivia & Facts

Did you know that the tiger is the biggest cat on planet Earth? Even though it is actually the biggest, it often times will look smaller than other cats you might recognize. The tiger will look smaller than the snow leopard or the lion, at least in Animal Jam world. The cool thing is that the tiger also has a pet counterpart, and you will notice that if you head to the pet section of Animal Jam. Another cool fact is that if you do not login to Animal Jam for a while, a solid gray tiger appears on your player card. Even if you have the solid gray tiger on your player card, you can still login and play Animal Jam. It is just there to show you have not logged in for a while.

The tiger also has a tigers-only passage within the Meet Cosmo adventure. In the Front Lines adventure, there are two different tigers-only gates. If you try to get the tiger in the water, your avatar will look like the tiger is swimming. This happens even though the tiger is a land-only animal. The other land-only animals in Animal Jam will just be invisible if they head into the waters. Did you know that in Animal Jam, the tiger was the first of the animals to have an exclusive animal pattern? You will notice the horse also has this same pattern.

If you look on the color palette, the default eye color of the tiger is not there. If the eye color of the tiger is changed, it will become unobtainable. Back in 2012, if the tiger put on a Fancy Top Hat and went to sleep, there would be fireworks appearing on the screen. The fireworks while sleeping eventually was removed though. A glitch is also out there for the tiger, and it involves wearing the Jamaaliday Scarf. If wearing the scarf, the bottom part of this item does not show up on the Player Card. It also will not show up if you look at the Change Your Look menu. Speaking of glitches, did you know there is a glitch in the Sky High game with the tiger? If you move upward, you cannot see the pattern on the tiger. You will see the pattern though when the tiger falls in the Sky High game.

These are just some of the more interesting facts and trivia relating to the tiger in Animal Jam. If you are starting out playing Animal Jam, you might want to consider the tiger as your animal. This is an animal that is fierce and very reliable. Cool to look at and super quick, the tiger makes for a great first animal for those playing the game on a free membership.

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