Animal Jam Guide: All About the Pet Snake

We would be shocked if you have not heard of Animal Jam before since it is one of the most popular online virtual worlds for kids out today. There are several cool things about Animal Jam, including the ability to chat with friends, play games, learn about animals, choose your animal avatar, and dress up the animal avatar. You can get both animals and pets in Animal Jam, and they are all unique and special. We have been going over a lot of the pets and animals because these are some of the more important aspects of the game.

When you sign up for Animal Jam, you can decide to play Animal Jam on either a free membership or the VIP membership. The paid membership gives you a ton of benefits, including better chat options and exclusive clothing items and accessories. One thing you can do regardless of which membership you have is get a pet, but some pets are exclusive to only the members. We wanted to start off by giving you guides on the pets and animals you will find in Animal Jam. Here is our guide to tell you all about the pet snake on Animal Jam.

All About the Pet Snake on Animal Jam

The first thing you should know about the pet snake is that it is a members-only pet on Animal Jam. It was first brought to Animal Jam back in January 2012. This is a land-only animal that you can buy through Claws N Paws for 400 gems. The pet snake does not have a rare tag, it is not for non-members, and it is not a pet that can go into the ocean. There is also no animal counterpart to the pet snake, which is something some people might not like. Even though the snake is not a rare pet, there are rare accessories you can get for the snake. You will find these rare accessories at the Play-As-Your-Pet Party and the Pets Only Party. There are also accessories available for the pet snake at the Pet Shop.

The snake has a lot of variations when it comes to the appearance. This includes the fact that there are five head shapes you can choose for the snake. Round, square, flared, cobra-shaped, and pointed are all head shapes for the snake. You can either choose a point for the tail or make the tail a rattle. For the body patterns, there are four options. This includes spots, blank, stripes, or triangles. The snake overall is a very large serpent, so you will be shocked at how big it looks in Animal Jam. If you were wondering, the snake in Animal Jam looks similar to the snakes you would see out in the wild. There are not many differences and everything looks realistic as it would in real life. Now, we want to tell you some of the most interesting trivia concerning the pet snake in Animal Jam.

Pet Snake Trivia

The pet snake will shed its skin if you click on the snake, which is what real snakes out in the wild do at certain points in the year. There is a game dedicated to the snake in Animal Jam called “Sssssnake.” This is actually a really fun and cool game, so you definitely want to try it out in Animal Jam if you have the pet snake. There are also pet effects in Animal Jam for the snake, with only two other pets having the option to earn these pet effects. Pet puppies and pet duckies can also earn these pet effects.

These are just a few of the really cool facts about the pet snake in Animal Jam. There are a ton of other facts that we just cannot get to right now. If you are curious about the pet snake, sign up for the paid membership on Animal Jam to try it out for yourself. You will have the option to buy the snake with 400 gems if you are a member but already have another pet in the game. The snake is such a great pet because the effects and the game that is dedicated to it. You will find that all of the members-only pets in Animal Jam are really fun and have exclusive unique things that make it stand out among the other pets in the game.

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