Animal Jam Guide: All About the Pet Bunny

Animal Jam is one of the best games for kids to play online, and there are a ton of pets in the game you can get. In this virtual world, you will run around the area known as Jamaa, and play games, interact with others, learn about animals, and dress up your animal avatar. There are so many things you can do in this game, including getting a pet, buying a den for the pets, and even dressing the pets up in various clothing items. You can also attend special parties for the pets, as well as learn about the pets in the wild.

Animal Jam can be played on either a free membership or a paid membership. The paid membership gives you more benefits, such as premium currency, more options for games, and more chat options. Either way you play, you want to learn about the animals and pets before you begin. When you sign up, you will have the option to get a pet. One of the pets you can get in the game is the bunny. We wanted to tell you all about the pet bunny so that if you sign up for Animal Jam, you will know more about this pet. Read on to learn all about the pet bunny in Animal Jam and what all the pet bunny can do for you.

All About the Pet Bunny on Animal Jam

It is important to know that this is the pet bunny, which is different than the pet love bunny and the pet golden bunny. When it comes to the pet bunny, this is a members-only pet that is not a rare animal and it lives on the land. You can find the pet bunny from the regular menu that allows you to choose your pet. The pet bunny will cost you 400 gems if you wan to buy it, and you can find this at the Bunny Only Party. So you will find the pet bunny in stores and it is not available for non-members.

As far as the appearance of the pet bunny, it has a head that is disproportionate to the body, with the head going forward a little bit. You will find the bunny head is a semi-circle and it also has a small tail that is circular. The ears are large as you would assume a regular bunny is in the wild. While this is not a rare pet, there are rare accessories you can get for the bunny. These accessories are in the Play-As-Your-Pet Party as well as the Pets Only Party. Head to the Pet Shop to find all of these rare accessories for the pet bunny. There is also some interesting trivia we wanted to tell you about as it relates to the pet bunny in Animal Jam.

Pet Bunny Animal Jam Trivia To Know

Did you know that when a bunny is moving around they do not walk, but instead they hop. The bunny also can jump into a hat and then disappear. This is part of how they play, and it is referencing magicians and how they pull bunnies out of hats. Speaking of pets, there is the rare golden bunny, which looks like this bunny except it is golden. This golden bunny was from a promotional set. The golden bunny is really cool looking, but you will not see many of them in Animal Jam.

These are just some of the more interesting aspects of the pet bunny that you can get in Animal Jam. If you do not have a membership yet, this is definitely one reason to get one. The pet bunny is really cool and you can customize it to make it how you want. There are all kinds of events and things you can do with the bunny, so it is one of the more popular pets in Animal Jam. We wanted to tell you about the bunny because as a member, it is one of the perks you can get. You will have to login to Animal Jam to see if the bunny is something you want to purchase. There are a lot of educational things you can learn about the bunny too if you get the bunny as your pet on Animal Jam.

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