Animal Jam Guide: All About the Fox

Animal Jam is a very cool virtual world for children where you can play games and chat with friends using an animal avatar. You learn all kinds of things in Animal Jam including what types of endangered species are out there and how you can help out these animals. Decorating the dens of the animals as well as styling them in cool clothing items and accessories are also part of the game. There is premium currency and standard currency in the game. The standard currency are gems and you use the gems to purchase items from the in-game store. These items could be clothing items, bigger dens, or other useful things that can help you progress in the game.

In Animal Jam, you can play on a free membership or a paid membership. The paid membership offers more benefits and perks, such as access to the premium currency. The premium currency is known as Diamonds and they are hard to get outside of the VIP membership. Regardless of which membership you have, there are certain animals that go with each membership. Some animals you can use are for members-only, while others are available for everyone in the game. We thought we would tell you about these animals that you can get in the game, and we are now onto the fox. Keep reading to learn more information about the fox in Animal Jam and what it looks like.

Animal Jam Fox Guide

In Animal Jam, there are certain animals that are for the members only, and the fox is one of these animals. You can only get the fox if you have the VIP membership and this animal was introduced back in July 2012. The fox is not the same as the arctic fox, but a lot of people do confuse these two animals since they do look kind of similar. The fox has a very compact and lean body, including very skinny legs and small paws. The appearance of the fox in Animal Jam is very similar to that of what you would find in real life, meaning small and muscular.

The default color of the fox is like a reddish color with a white underbelly. The leg tips and ears are maroon in color and the foxes have a wedge-shaped face. The nose is narrow and very pointy, and the ears are triangular and fairly wide. You can tell the fox in Animal Jam because it has a very fluffy tail and there is an irremovable hole in the ears. The species is specifically a red fox and the Alpha is known as Amelia. The fox is a land-only animal that will cost you 1,000 gems to purchase, and it is only for the paid members of the game.

Animal Jam Fox Trivia & Facts

When it comes to the fox, there is quite a bit of trivia out there that you might not know about. In the Jamaa Journal, there was a riddle that was put out for what the new animal would be. The answer to the riddle was the fox. If you go into the Phantom Portal adventure, there is one gate that only the foxes can open since it is a fox only gate. There was an arctic fox short that was called “It Wasn’t Me?” and the fox was included in that short. Once you change the color of the fox, it cannot be changed back. The secondary coloring and pattern of the fox is two different shades of maroon, with one being a hidden shade.

The arctic fox is the winter counterpart of the fox, and when the foxes play, it resembles what it looks like in real life when they play. A glitch involving the fox is that if you put on the Unicorn Floatie, it ends up being on the neck and not on the waist. Another glitch is that there are multiple glitches for the fox when it comes to various Jamaaliday items. One of the items that glitches is the Holiday Sweater.

Other glitches include the Alpha Armor, and if the fox plays with this one it will show up through the ground, which is cool.

The Bunny Hat appears a lot larger than it normally does when the fox wears it, which is another glitch. If you change the default color for the pattern on the fox, it will look like the fox has a mustache. If the fox is wearing either the Eclipse Wings or the Eclipse Watch, and the fox is playing, it will also show up through the ground. The Western Scarf will also appear through the ground if the fox is wearing it and playing. If the Flower Armor is put onto the fox and playing, the flowers will be just above ground instead of in the ground with the rest of the armor.

There are also a lot of plush counterparts to the fox including the fox plush, giant pet fox plush, rare fox plush, epic fox plush, pet fox plush, and many more. These are just some of the most interesting and cool aspects of the fox, which is one of the members-only animals available on Animal Jam. If you get the VIP membership and not the free membership, we suggest that you definitely check out the fox. The fox is one of the best animals for the glitches and cool things, especially when it comes to clothing items and accessories. There are not many members-only animals out there in Animal Jam, so this is definitely one you should check out if you want to stand out from the crowd and show off your membership to Animal Jam.

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