Animal Jam Ducky Dash Game Guide & Tips

There are many virtual words and games out there for children but one of the best is called Animal Jam. This game allows children to adopt pets and create homes for them known as dens. You can play various games in Animal Jam, along with using a chat to talk to friends, and dressing up your pets in various clothing items and accessories. There is so much to do in Animal Jam beyond that because since this game was developed in part by National Geographic, you can learn about various animals and wildlife as well. So not only is Animal Jam a fun virtual world to play games, but it also has an educational element to it as well, filled with adventures and experiments you can take part in.

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You can play Animal Jam either on the free membership or you can pay to get the AJ VIP membership. The VIP membership is nice because you can end up adopting more pets and you also will earn free currencies from the game, which in this case are Diamonds and Gems. The Diamonds are the premium currency in the game so they are what you really want to collect a lot of if you are a VIP member.

Regardless of your membership, there are many games you can play, but some games are for members-only. This is why it is important to have the VIP membership if you can afford it. One of the member-only games you will have access to is called Ducky Dash. We thought it would be a good idea to tell you a little bit about Ducky Dash, including how to play the game and some tips. If you use these tips it will help you get through Ducky Dash a lot quicker, and it will help you earn more achievements and rewards. This is one of the few games that is a member-only game, but it gives you more rewards and special prizes as a result.

If you are thinking about becoming a member or you already are, continue reading to learn more about this cool game that you can play and earn rewards for little to no real work or time investment.

Animal Jam Ducky Dash Game Guide

Background of Ducky Dash– Ducky Dash is a game that is located in various locations including Crystal Sands and Jamaa Township. This is a member-only game, which means if you do not have the VIP membership, you will not be able to play. You will also need a pet duck in order to play this game.

Objective of Ducky Dash- When it comes to Ducky Dash, your main goal is to try to get your duck to swim away from the waterfall. You will need to avoid various obstacles that will be in your way, and these obstacles will get harder to maneuver around as the game progresses. You also will need to catch rubber duckies that will be in the water as well, because these rubber duckies are how you earn gems for playing the game. You need to be careful because if you get sucked into the waves near the screen edge, you will end up losing the game.


Ducky Dash Trivia– There is a lot of trivia about Ducky Dash that players of the game might not know. One piece of trivia is that the frogs are all different colors and they are not the same, although sometimes they have similar colorings so it can be hard to tell. Another piece of trivia is that unlike Snake in the Sssssnake game, the color will retain both the clothing and color it is.

You also cannot purchase this game to put inside of a den like you can the other two pet games that are available to play in Animal Jam. There is also a glitch in this game where you can play as another pet, but this is a very rare glitch that is hard to get to occur. Another thing players in Animal Jam don’t know is that Ducky Dash used to be located in Coral Canyons, but it was taken out for some reason quite a long time ago.

Ducky Dash Tips

  • You want to try to catch the golden ducks because they are worth 10 more bonus Gems. Typically you will only get one gem for each duck, so you get a lot more gems in a quicker time frame by going after the golden ducks.
  • You also want to make sure that you are aiming the duck away from the lily pads. This is because the frogs cannot jump in areas where there are no lily pads.
  • There are a lot of traps along the way through the long lily pad pathways, and you can end up getting stuck in these traps. This means keep your eyes open for these traps at all times.
  • You also need to avoid the frogs at all costs because they will end up stunning your duck and this could result in your losing the game.

Various Achievements- You can get various achievements in the game including Duck and Cover which you get if you collect 50 ducks in one game. The Sitting Duck achievement is awarded when you collect 100 ducks in one game. Ducks in a Row is earned when you collect 150 ducks in one game. If you get 5,000 ducks total you are going to get the Quack Quack achievement. If you play the game with a top hat wearing duck you will earn Dapper Ducky.

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