Animal Jam Disc Toss Game Guide & Trivia

When it comes to online virtual worlds for children, Animal Jam is one of the best out there. This is a virtual world where you can own a pet, give it clothing and accessories, and decorate the home it lives in which is called a den. In Animal Jam you also can play games, chat with friends, go on adventures, and learn about the environment and various animals.


You can play Animal Jam on a free membership or a paid membership. The paid membership gives you many benefits and perks such as more ways to earn Diamonds and Gems, which are the in-game currencies. You also will have more pets and dens to choose from, and as a member have more opportunities to go to parties and play games for higher value incentives.

Even if you choose to play Animal Jam on the free membership, you will be allowed to access the game called Disc Toss. This is like Frisbee and it is one of the best games out there on Animal Jam due to how easy it is to play. We thought it would be a good idea to tell you a little bit more about Disc Toss, including how to play the game and some trivia associated with this game. The more you know about Disc Toss the better you will get at it and the more you will be able to earn in the game by winning.

Animal Jam Disc Toss Guide & Trivia

Background on Disc Toss– Disc Toss was a game that came out on Animal Jam back in 2012, and it is a single-player pet game. The only people that can play Disc Toss are those players who have a pet puppy, as you need a puppy in order to catch the Frisbee. You can find Disc Toss in the Pets Only Party as well as Appondale and Sarepia Forest.

If you do not have a puppy yet on Animal Jam then you should really get one because Disc Toss is one of the most popular games on Animal Jam and also one of the few games where you are playing only single-player. A lot of the other games on Animal Jam either can be multiplayer or require you to do a lot more for the rewards. This is really one of the games that allows you to earn a bunch of rewards quickly and without really having to do too much in order to get them.

Disc Toss Objective- In Disc Toss, the objective of the game is simply to get the puppy to catch as many Frisbees as possible. The puppy will automatically run and then you can make the puppy jump in the air to catch the Frisbee, and you do this either using the left mouse button or the space bar on your keyboard. The objective of the game is to collect as many flying discs as possible. If you miss three discs then the game will end and you have to start over. As you progress in the game it gets harder because the discs will be coming at your puppy more frequently, so you have to stay on your toes.

Disc Toss Rewards- If you catch a red disc you will earn 1 gem for each disc. You really want to catch the golden discs though because they are worth 14 gems each. You will find it harder at first to catch the golden discs because they are rarer and also require more tricks and jumps from your puppy. The longer you play the game the more likely you are to begin catching golden discs regularly.

Disc Toss Trivia- Did you know that if you catch 100 golden discs your puppy will get a pet effect? This special pet effect causes the bone clouds to float upward. Also, Disc Toss was the first game to be released on Animal Jam, making it one of the most iconic aspects of the game.

Various Disc Toss Achievements- If you catch 25 discs in one game you get a Lucky Dog achievement, and if you catch 50 discs in one game you get the Hot Dog achievement. Catching 100 discs in one game gets you the Top Dog reward and 5,000 discs in total will get you the Catch Me If You Can achievement. The biggest achievement is the Pirate Puppy and you get this if you play with a puppy that is wearing an eye patch.

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