Animal Jam Den Tips & Tricks for Free Members

Animal Jam is one of the most fun virtual games out there for children. In this virtual game, you play in a world called Jamaa. You will have a pet that you use as your avatar, and you can go around playing games, chatting with friends, and learning about animals. Animal Jam is in partnership with National Geographic, which provides an educational element to the game. You will be able to dress up your animal as well as provide them a home, which is called a den.

You can play Animal Jam on either the free membership or the paid membership. If you purchase the paid membership for Animal Jam, you will get more benefits. Benefits of the paid membership include free in-game currency, having access to premium currency, and more exclusive dens and items from the shop, such as clothing. You also have more chat options if you are a paid member and can adopt more animals in the game. One thing that you will want to do regardless of whether you have the free or paid membership is make a den for your pet.

The den is the place where the animal will live, so it is like a house. You can furnish the house and accessorize it however you want. This allows you to customize the den for your own personality and game play. We thought it would be a good idea to tell you about some tips you can use when it comes to decorating and making your den. These tips and tricks are great for those on the free membership, since it does not require any special items or currency to decorate the den.

Animal Jam Tips & Tricks For Den Decorating on a Free Membership

Use the Ledge as a Small Shelf– One really cool thing you can do if you are a free member is to use the ledge as a small shelf. There are no options when it comes to shelves for the free members out there, which is definitely disappointing. Using the ledge though, gives you the storage room of a shelf, and it looks similar to a shelf overall. Your items will remain in view on the ledge, which is great if you want to put plushies or other small items up there.

Hang Items from Entrance– You can hang a lot of items from the entrance, which is another way to get a small shelf without having a real shelf. There are a ton of different decorations that you can hang from the entrance to spice up your den. If you are someone into lights, you can hang those from this entrance as well to liven up the den. Banners are also possible to hang from the entrance, as well as flags, and many other small items like that.

Outside of the Den is Great for Decorating Too– A good thing about the dens in Animal Jam is that you have the option to decorate the outside too. Many people in Animal Jam forget that you can decorate the outside of the den, making for a better overall appearance. You do not have to focus all of your time and energy on the inside of the den. Move to the outside of the den and put some decorations out there for an inviting atmosphere. This could include making your own garden outside the den or putting trees up outside of the den. Just like the outside of your house, you can do anything that you really want to make it more your own.

Get Creative- When it comes to the dens in Animal Jam, the whole point is to be creative and make the den your own. Since the den is the home for your pet, you can personalize it and customize it however you want. Creativity is definitely a good thing when it comes to the den, and you want to be as creative as you can. Do not worry about what the den looks like to other people, since it is for you and for your pet. People love the ability to add personality and charm to their den, and the more you decorate it, the more it will feel like your own.

Separate Your Rooms Using the Shoji Screens– Did you know that you can use the Shoji screens as a separator between rooms? This is something a lot of people in Animal Jam do not know. You will love how well this item works as a room separator. In the very beginning of playing Animal Jam, you will not have to worry about this because you will only have one room. The more you play, the more rooms you will be able to add on to your den. You will need something to separate the rooms and the Shoji screens are the perfect way to make a wall or door to separate these rooms.

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