Free Animal Jam Membership Codes in 2019

Animal Jam is one of the most popular online mulitplayer games in 2019.  I mean you get to play as whatever animal you want, who wouldn’t love it? So as you can imagine a lot of our users have asked for free Animal Jam codes so we’ve recently added the option to cash in your Free Game Membership points for Animal Jam membership codes!

Free Game Codes & Cards for Animal Jam

We offer several kinds of different Animal Jam gift certificates and game cards here at We probably have to purchase more animal jam membership cards and codes than anyone else in the world because of how many of our users redeem them! So whether you’re looking for membership, diamonds or gems, we have you covered!

  • Animal Jam Membership Cards – These are our most popular Animal Jam items here at FGM.  We have 3 month, 6 month, and one year Animal Jam memberships available!
  • Diamond Gift Codes – Do you already have an Animal Jam membership and just need some more diamonds?  Well you’re in luck!  We now have 10 Diamond and 25 Diamond gift codes that you can redeem your points on.
  • Animal Jam Gem Gift Certificates – If it’s gems you need, look no further!  Redeem your FGM points for 10,000, 25,000, or even 100,000 gem gift cards for AJ.  Can anyone say Jamaa shopping spree!?

All you have to do to start earning a free Animal Jam membership code is sign up for an account. Signing up for a account is absolutely free and you can get started by clicking to sign up today!

After you set up your account, login to your dashboard to view offers available to earn points.  You can sort the offers by how many points they give you or what type of offer it is.  Make sure the offers are from the same country you are from.  We recommend starting with game downloads or surveys if this is your first time earning a free animal jam membership.  These are some of the easiest ways to earn points and they are awarded within a couple minutes of completion. So if you want to get your AJ Codes as quickly as possible this is probably the best option. That said feel free to do whatever point offers look the best to you!
If you have any questions on how to get started, take a look at this guide to see how to begin earning a free Animal Jam membership code to use on your account. Also once you’ve redeemed your points feel free to shoot a message to our staff if you need any extra help figuring it out! is one of the only sites ever to offer completely free Animal Jam memberships with no redemption limits. We’re also the oldest and most trustworthy, being around for nearly 8 years! All you have to do to get started is sign up and use either the download version or online version of the user panel. Either way the offers are the same and you can follow the steps to start earning points. Once the points start rolling in you can use your points on an animal jam membership code or any other rewards we have currently available like club penguin, moviestarplanet, or even roblox! So what are you waiting for? It’s time to signup and start earning those points for your next free membership!

2019 Animal Jam Membership Benefits:

– Exclusive clothing and den items for Animal Jam members only.

– Access to all the different animals available in Jamaa, including the rare ones

– Free access and invites to all the exclusive parties and adventures that are for members only

– Up to 24 spaces for animals. This tends to increase over time too so it may be worth even more in the future

– Access to every pet from the pet store in 2019

– Ability to customize your name tag color and image

– Get a free diamond every week that you can spend on rare animals, items, and pets. The game is so much better when you have diamonds and now you get one every week!

– Early access to new areas and adventures. This is probably one of the best things about going premium, you get everything first!

Start today and you can earn a free Animal Jam 2019 membership in no time!  Best of all our average redemption is under 15 minutes, so if you submit your points we should be able to send your AJ code within 15 minutes to your email. If you would rather have a physical card mailed to you that’s also an option. It really is that easy to earn free game membership codes at  It’s time to get one month, three month, or even six-month animal jam member codes!

About Animal Jam

Animal jam is a virtual playground MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) which was published by Smart Bomb Interactive in partnership with The National Geographic Society. It also happens to be one of the most popular free promo code redemption’s on our entire website. In fact more users enter their points to redeem free animal jam codes than any other reward in our user area!

As for the game, Animal Jam was first released on September 10th, 2010 and since then has experienced  a 500% year-over-year growth rate that’s lead to it currently having over ten million registered members. So you can probably guess that Animal Jam is pretty popular, in fact, it’s the most popular MMO for kids now that Club Penguin has shut down!

Taking place in the fictional world of Jamaa, players navigate their way through various ecological locations, each different environment has many educational features which help kids learn more about the natural world around them. Starting in the world of Jamaa Township, player travel from place to place with the use of a map, places including; Coral Canyons, Lost Temple of Zios, Mt. Shiveer, Crystal Sands, Sarepia Forest, Appondale, Kimbara Outback, Bahari Bay, Crystal Reef, Kani Cove and Deep Blue. All of these places are based on real places in the world that are both well-known and not so well known.

Each player in the Animal Jam world has their very own den which they can customize and decorate with all sort of different items, (very similar to club penguin.) Players can also collect a variety of different animals from both the ocean and on land such as; lions, koalas, wolves, tigers, elephants, horses, monkeys, pandas, octopus, dolphins, sharks, seals and penguins.

In “AJ” there are a variety of games that the player can engage in, these are; Best Dressed, Sssssnake, Fruit Slinger, Pest Control, Disc Toss, Sky High and Hedge Hog. All of which allow the player to win gems which can be spent on a variety of special items.

Since it’s introduction in 2010, Animal Jam has received many good reviews from parents commending the fun way their children are being taught about various environmental facts and issues. It is also constantly expanding and adding new things to do and play with.

Free Animal Jam Membership Codes 2019
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