Animal Jam Codes – 2019 List

Animal Jam is one of the best online virtual worlds for children where they can go and learn about animals at the same time they play games and chat with friends. More than 160 million user accounts are registered on Animal Jam. The developer of the game, WildWorks, is partnered up with National Geographic. This brings children educational content and facts about the animals in the game. The ability to explore, learn, interact, and socialize in Animal Jam make it great for kids of all ages.

You can create your own animal avatar, dress them up, furnish the den they live in, and learn about these beautiful creatures at the same time. You can then use codes to get additional items or things like gems in the game. There are also free membership codes you can use on animal jam to change from a free account to a premium account.

What Are Animal Jam Codes?

Membership Codes

Animal Jam has two types of codes item and gem codes then membership codes. AJ Membership codes you can redeem in order to become a premium member. The codes are in increments, meaning there is a one-month, three-month, and one-year membership option available. The one-month membership code is the least expensive, with the yearly membership being the most expensive. These membership codes will unlock access to exclusive areas of Animal Jam and give you a ton of other benefits. You will have access to more pets, more dens, more clothing items, and more ways to chat with your friends. There are also gems and diamonds that you will get for free with the membership codes.

Gem Codes in Animal Jam

There are also codes you can use that will give you animal jam Gems, prizes or other items in the game. These are given out with memberships, on their own, in promos…. etc That said we’ve collected all the updated free animal jam codes for 2019 and listed them below.

Gem Codes

NGKAJ18 500
ajtreasurechest 1,000
happyfriend 1,000
grahamsgreatest 500
secretelephant 500
fuzzyfriend 500
greeleysfans 500
annual2play 900
wildlunch 800
ajplaycards 500
ready2jam 750
time2jam 750
funnyfox 750
adorableotter 750
fuzzytiger 750
cheerycheetah 750
swiftdeer 750
luckyllama 750
playfulpanda 750
wiseowl 750
poshpig 750
slowsloth 750
sneakycougar 750
clevercoyote 750
fastfalcon 750
wileywolf 750
quickhorse 750
billygoat 750
touchytoucan 750
dashingdolphin 750
curiousraccoon 750
lovablelemur 750
loudlion 750
sillyseal 750
supersheep 750
twelve 1 Diamond
cuddlykoala 750
happyhyena 750
jammerjoey 750
coolpolarbear 750
snowyleopard 750
downyfriend 1,000
softfriend 800

Prize Codes

paws4friends Reader’s Lamp
getready2jam Reader’s Sofa
powerbackpack Panda Power Backpack
aj4ever Reader’s Chair
riddlethis The Phantoms’ Secret Book
heartstone Call of the Alphas Book
wintergame Mystery at Mt. Shiveer Book
wildbackpack Play Wild Backpack

How Can You Get Animal Jam Membership Codes?

Buy a Gift Card – You can head to many different retail stores and buy an Animal Jam membership gift card. There are several retail stores such as Kroger, Walmart, Rite Aid, Toys R Us, and CVS, that offer these Animal Jam membership gift cards. All of the retail stores offer the one-month, three-month, and one-year membership cards. You can choose to also go through the Animal Jam website and purchase directly from their store. Other online avenues include the Walmart website, PayPal, and Ebay. There are also many other online retailers that offer the gift cards.

Use– You can get your free Animal Jam membership by going to This website will allow you to fill out surveys and offers in order to earn points. These points are then redeemed for the Animal Jam membership code of your choice, including the one-month, three-month, and one-year membership options. It is simple to make an account over at and then complete the surveys and offers available. Once you have completed those offers, it can take up to 24 hours for you to see the points in your account. Either cash out quickly for the 30-day membership code or save up and get the bigger one-year membership code. You will not need to spend any money to get your Animal Jam membership using this website, since it is free and you are redeeming points you have earned for those codes.

Look in National Geographic Magazine- While it is not often this one happens, you can look in the National Geographic magazines. Sometimes, during special times of the year, there will be a special membership code found in the magazine. You are not going to get the year membership code through the magazine, but sometimes the 30-day membership codes can be found. The magazine can be purchased almost anywhere, including most retail stores. If you have a National Geographic store near you, then this would be the best place to get the magazines. You can look inside to see if there is a free membership code available, as it happens a few times a year.

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