Animal Jam Christmas Week in Review

There have been quite a few things going on over at Animal Jam this week, which was filled with many smiles as it was the week of Christmas. Since most people are on Christmas break this week, Animal Jam sure made use of the holiday break and there was quite a bit that you could have done within Animal Jam this week. We are going to take a look at some of the things that Animal Jam was up to this week just in case you missed some of the fun, including some contests and giveaways. Every week there are always new contests and giveaways up on Animal Jam, but some of these giveaways require you to submit your topic or snapshot rather quickly, so make sure you are checking out what is going on in the game so you can participate and be one of the big winners.

Animal Jam Contests

Greely’s Journey Book Diamond Challenge- The newest contest to hit Animal Jam this week was the Greely’s Journey Book Diamond Challenge. In this challenge, you had to take a snapshot of what you thought was your favorite page in your Journey Book and then submit this snapshot through Jammer Central. The top five submissions will each get 5 diamonds, which is pretty good. Think of this as Animal Jam wanting to know what you thought the best thing you did this year was, kind of like a look back at your favorite moment. Submissions had to be in by 9 pm MST on December 27 in order to have a shot at the 5 diamonds. The 5 winners will be announced later on this coming week.

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Jammer Snaps New Year’s Resolutions- There is a Jammer Snaps competition going on right now and you can get a shiny new plaque for your den if you enter and win this contest. This contest is called the Jammer Snaps New Year’s Resolutions and you must submit your entry over in Jammer Central by January 3 to have a chance to win.

If you want to enter, you must remember to title your submission “Jammer Snaps-New Year’s Resolutions” and you can find out more information through JAMMA Township. We should remind you though that if you happen to submit your artwork to Animal Jam you need to make sure that there is no personal information in your submission or you will not qualify for the contest, and follow all of the other Animal Jam rules as well to ensure your entry stays in the running.

Featured Art Winners

JAMAALIDAY Trees + AURORA BOREALIS- There were some art winners this week in the Jammer Art Contest JAMAALIDAY Trees + AURORA BOREALIS. All of the people we are about to mention got a plaque for having their art featured up on Daily Explorer, which is a cool way to recognize those who had the best submissions for this topic. The winners are Duchess Cutegirl, Explorer Frozenfox, Crunchy Thestar, Doctor Frozenmoon along with Captain Sillyhero. There were even more winners including Countess Chillycloud, Crashing Rowdycloud, Mythical Cutepaw, Mighty Hikingflower, and Major Thedog. This week there were even more winners though including Sleeping Frozenspirit, Crashing Themoon, Victory Sunnycloud, Twinkle Arcticrose, Scooter Sportyscout, Fabulous Fastfoot, Victory Rainycloud, Magical Cutelily, Sparkle Happylily, and Sir Jellybelle.

For this contest there were quite a few winners, which might have something to do with it being Christmas week and there being a lot of people participating due to not having to go to school. Either way, these winners will all be getting a plaque to put up in their dens and it will all be going up on the Animal Jam website so everyone can see their work.

Rare Monday Giveaway

There was also a really nice rare Monday item giveaway this week too in order to celebrate Christmas. The rare item being given away this week was the rare candy cane socks, which were so cute in red and white. These were super festive socks that were only available on Monday for free by logging into the game.

Remember guys that every week there is a new item being given away for free in Animal Jam, but this week was a special weekly item giveaway to commemorate Christmas, so you will not see this item any other time besides this week. If you ended up logging into Animal Jam on Monday then you probably already got your free pair of candy cane socks in which you can wear anytime you want in the game and show off to your friends and family.

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