Animal Jam Adventures Guide & Tips

Animal Jam is a game for children where they can go online and use virtual animals and characters to play games. You can either have a free membership to Animal Jam or you can pay to become a VIP member of Animal Jam, which gives you more animals and more fun things to do. Regardless of whether you have a free membership to animal jam or paid membership to the game, you will be able to complete Adventures in Animal Jam.


The Adventures are very fun but can also be a little bit intimidating at first if you have never really played Animal Jam before. We thought it would be a good idea to tell you a little bit about what the Adventures are in Animal Jam and how they work, along with some useful tips.

Animal Jam Adventures Guide:

Concept of Adventures- In Animal Jam there are a group of special animals called Alphas, which we will talk about in a minute. Adventures are where you join up with the Alphas and try to help them defeat the various Phantoms, which are the evil group in Animal Jam. You will start off the Adventures in the Adventure Base Camp and you can find this through the Lost Temple of Zios, the Party List or the World Map.

Alphas- The Alphas are the very special animals which Mira and Zios chose, with both of these people being the guardian spirits of Jamaa. These special animals are there to be the champions of Jamaa, even though they first started off as regular ordinary animals. Basically Alphas protect the animals and land from the evil that is the Phantoms. There are seven Alphas right now in Animal Jam, Liza the panda, Tavie the Dolphin, Sir Gilbert the tiger, Peck the rabbit, Cosmo the koala, Greely the wolf, and Graham the monkey. Each of these Alphas have different characteristics and abilities.

Training Grounds- If you have never been to the Adventure Base Camp before, you will first need to head over to the Training Grounds. You can do this whether you have a free membership to Animal Jam or a paid membership to Animal Jam. The Training Grounds are in the area with the green portal, and it is labeled to make it easier to find. Liza will then begin teaching you all about Adventures and how to defeat the Phantoms. After the training is completed you will be able to start your Adventures in Animal Jam.

Adventures and Gameplay- When you get into the Adventures, you will soon notice that there are many Adventures to play. Each one of the Adventures tells you a unique story and there is different gameplay required for each Adventure. You want to play the Adventures in order because they all require various courage levels, so you really want to do them in order to have the best chance at winning. If you do them out of order you might have a harder time completing them or be unable to complete them at all depending on your courage level at the time for that specific Adventure.

Hosting Adventures- If you are a member of Animal Jam, you will be able to host your own Adventures. You will basically have an invite attached to you at all times and other Jammers in Animal Jam will be able to join up and then begin the Adventures with you. If you are a member you also can put your courage level out there on your nametag so people know what level you are at. This helps connect people with other players who have the right courage level for that specific Adventure.

New Animal Means New Adventures- In Animal Jam, each animal has their own unique Adventures. This means that if you are playing as a wolf, then switch to a fox, you will start the Adventures over from the beginning as the Adventures are different from animal to animal.

Hard Mode– Once you get good at Adventures go into Hard Mode. This is a very special mode of Adventures where you will get better prizes but also the phantoms become harder to beat. Hard mode is for people who want more challenge in their Adventures.

Seasonal Adventures- There are Seasonal Adventures throughout Animal Jam, but these are only available for a short window of time. Seasonal Adventures often times have themes like winter or summer, so you have to grab them when they show up or else you might not be able to join these special Adventures.

Animal Jam Adventure Tips

Try to Avoid Phantom Touch- If you are touched by the Phantoms many times, you end up being put into a sleep. This deep sleep will hurt you because it will make you start over from the last checkpoint. You want to keep the amount of times the Phantoms touch you to a minimum.

Invite Friends to Adventures- Adventures are always more fun when you have a lot of friends going on them with you. This is because friends can help you beat the phantoms and is a good way to work together in order to achieve a goal. If you do not have any friends in real life who play Animal Jam, it is really simple to make new friends in Animal Jam, so make sure you ask these in-game friends to join you in the Adventures too.

Use the Map– The map which is on the bottom-right part of the screen is a good way to keep track of your Adventures and where you have been. Use the map so you know where you have already been and that helps keep you going in the right direction.

Use Various Animals- In the Adventures you will realize that certain Adventures require certain animals. We already told you how animals all have unique characteristics and abilities, so you will need to pay attention to see if you need to change animals in order to complete the Adventures. Some animals do better in certain Adventures over other animals, so make sure you know the skills and abilities of the animals before proceeding into the Adventures.

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