Animal Jam: Account Basics & Tips

Animal Jam is a virtual game for children where they can go online and interact with others, while also learning about various animals in the wild and the environment. You can play Animal Jam either on a free membership or on a paid membership. The paid membership gives you more VIP benefits like access to more pets and more dens, as well as more options and ways to get in-game currency for free. A lot of children like to play Animal Jam because there are many cool animals and characters in the game, and parents enjoy the game as well because it is educational as well as fun.

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There are a lot of cool aspects to Animal Jam, such as chatting with friends, entering contests, and exploring various areas in the fictional world known as Jamaa. We thought it would be a good idea to give you an overview of the account basics, which can help you if you are new to Animal Jam. Whether you are on a free membership or VIP membership to Animal Jam, this guide of things to know about your Animal Jam account and also some tips will help you make the most out of your experience in the virtual world.

Animal Jam Account Tips & General Information

Forgetting Your Username- In Animal Jam, it is possible to forget your username, but there are ways you can get access to your username if you forget. Since Animal Jam requires a parent to sign up for a Parent Dashboard account before you can play, this is how you would go about getting your username if you forget. This is a sure way for you to always have a backup plan in case you do forget your account information, such as username. Simply have your parent login to the Parent Dashboard and from there all of the usernames tied to the Parent Dasboard will be visible. It would be a good idea to then write down your username and put that beside your computer so next time you forget, you can just look on a piece of paper rather than bug your parents to login to their Parent Dashboard.

The Features in My Settings- There is a My Settings option in Animal Jam and this is where you will go if you want to customize your Animal Jam experience. You will see on the upper-right corner of the screen an icon of a gear, and this is the Settings icon you need to click. Some of the options in My Settings include turning Buddy Requests on or off. You will also be able to turn on or off the game requests from this option as well. If either of those are turned off, you will not be notified if someone wants to become your friend or wants you to play with them through a game invitation. If both are turned on then you will get notifications of pending buddy requests and also game invites. If they are both turned on you will also be able to send buddy requests and game invitations. There are also cursor settings and other options available for you to change up and customize how you want.

Insufficient Privileges– If you see a message telling you that your account does not have sufficient privileges to play this means that your account was disabled via the Parent Dashboard. If your account has been disabled you will not be allowed to login to Animal Jam or play Animal Jam on your device. You will need to talk to your parent as to why your Animal Jam account was disabled, sometimes this is an accident on the part of your parents or sometimes this is because you are in trouble and are not allowed to be playing the game for a certain amount of time. This is not a deletion of your account or your information, which means when your account is enabled you will still be where you left off and nothing should be missing out of your account.

Username Changes- You can send an email to Animal Jam HeadQuarters if you want to change your username. You can only ask for your username to be changed one time so make sure it is something you are happy with and will want to stick with throughout the duration of your Animal Jam playing experience. In the email you need to put your current username, the parent email that is associated with your account and username, and four options for a new username going from the one you want most to the one you want the least. If you have a paid membership to Animal Jam, your parent will need to include the transaction ID for the membership in the email as well, which helps verify the account. You can change your username that one time at any point that you have your Animal Jam account, regardless of whether or not you have a free membership or VIP membership to the game.

When You Choose a Username– Whether you are choosing a username for the first time or you are switching your username, there are some guidelines you need to follow. You cannot use first names or last names, regardless of whether or not the name is of a famous person such as an actor or musician. You also will need to make sure phone numbers and addresses are not in your username. You will need to avoid using any special characters such as @ signs because those are not allowed in the usernames. You can only capitalize the first letter of the username. Finally, you cannot have mean or inappropriate words as your username or slang words that could mean something inappropriate or mean. You will also need to make sure you have enough choices for your username written down as sometimes usernames can already be in use and you will not be able to use a name that is already in the system registered to another Animal Jam player.

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