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FreeGameMemberships is a great place to go if you are looking to get a free game membership for some of the hottest games out there on the market today. On FreeGameMemberships, simply complete various surveys and other activities in order to earn points. Once you have earned enough points, you will be able to redeem your points and cash them in for a free game membership of your choice.

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If you are thinking about signing up for FreeGameMemberships then you are probably curious as to what games you will find that you can get a free membership for. The games that we have on our website often times have either a free membership or a paid membership. With FreeGameMemberships you will be able to cash in your points and this will go towards the paid membership so that you will get all the VIP membership benefits without having to pay for it with real money. We are going to tell you all of the currently available free memberships that are available on

Note: this only includes our online games, we also have itunes giftcards and google play credits available as well which you can use on any in game purchases for any game/app you want!

FreeGameMemberships Free Memberships Available

Animal Jam– Animal Jam is a massively multiplayer online virtual world in which you are put into the virtual world of Jamaa. There are a ton of environments in Animal Jam and you create an animal-avatar with a cool three-part name in order to play. You can attend online parties, participate in various multiplayer games and other activities in Animal Jam. Players also can talk with other Animal Jam players and chat with friends.

AQW– AQW is AdventureQuest Worlds and it is an MMORPG, which is also known as a massively multiplayer online role-playing game. In AQW you can choose from four starting classes which are healer, mage, rogue or warrior and each of these have their own unique weaknesses and strengths. This is a browser-based game in which you must use your characters to defeat various enemies and the higher level you are, the more difficult the enemies become. AdventureQuest Worlds is an action game, strategy game and a really fun role-playing game all packed into exciting worlds.

Binweevils– Binweevils is a 3D online virtual world where you can play games, win prizes, purchase furniture and other items for your nest. You create your own avatar in this game and that also allows you to chat with other players and watch cartoons. Binweevils is based in the U.K. and allows you to do many cool activities through your avatar that is your own unique and personal creation. This is definitely a more creative and crazy game that you will love if you are more eccentric.

Club Cooee Looking for a 3D chat community? That is exactly what Club Cooee is and you can create and customize your own 3D avatar. With your avatar you can chat with other players and meet new friends through the various 3D chat rooms in Club Cooee. You also can play games and listen to music and videos in the chat rooms. Some of the Club Cooee chat rooms are for the VIP members only, which means that you have to be a paid member to access these special rooms. You also can become a DJ and play your own tunes and create a playlist to share with your friends and other players.


Club Penguin– Club Penguin is a massively multiplayer online game, which is an MMO, and in this virtual world there are many games and other activities. You create and customize your own penguin-avatar and then you can play in the virtual world which has a winter theme. You also can purchase clothing for your penguin as well as furniture for the home of your penguin. Chatting with other players is also a big part of Club Penguin and there is also a charity and outreach aspect as well.

Club Pogo – Club Pogo offers a ton of different games (over 100 actually) so it makes a lot of sense to want some premium features. You can now redeem your credits for club pogo gift cards and codes that give you a variety of things on Club Pogo!

Disney Infinity 2.0– Disney Infinity 2.0 which is also known as Marvel Super Heroes is an action-adventure game where you bring your toys to life through a sandbox. You can personalize characters as well as fight off enemies using Marvel Super Hero characters you have come to know and love. Create your own Marvel Super Heroes and defeat the bad guys or play in the open world sandbox and share your creations with others.

Fantage Fantage is a popular MMORPG in which you can play various games or go through activities with your customized cartoon avatar. You can explore the virtual world and play games in order to earn currency that you can then use to customize the clothing of your virtual pet. So many mini-games in Fantage that allow you the chance to earn currency and keep your virtual pets happy.

Habbo– Previously known as Habbo Hotel, Habbo is a social networking and online community that is designed for teenagers. You can login to Habbo using Adobe Flash and you can interact with other players of Habbo through the various rooms. There are pets and programmed bots as well that you can send commands to and they will do what you say. Most teenagers use Habbo to interact with people from all over the world in the various themed hotel rooms, including the Guest Rooms. You can also play games or create games and even purchase furniture from the online store.

Hero Up– Hero Up is known as Marvel Super Hero Squad and here is where you can create your own unique blend of various Marvel super hero characters in order to defeat enemies and win challenges. There are plenty of quests and missions in this MMO that is fun and friendly for all age groups. Your main goal of this game is to gather your super heroes and save the city, so make sure you assemble a good group to defeat the evil.

Moshi Monsters Moshi Monsters has over 90 million users and this game is designed for children between ages 6 to 16. You can choose one out of the six virtual pet monsters and then name your monster. From there you can go around the city defeating enemies and also take on various quests and challenges in order to earn virtual currency which is known as Rox. You also can chat with other players in this game.


Movie Star Planet– MovieStarPlanet is a virtual world where you create an avatar which serves as your movie star. In this game you make short videos that go along with various themes, and the better your videos are the more famous and popular you become. You can go shopping for the perfect Hollywood outfit as well as chat with friends and play games. With MovieStarPlanet, you become the movie star and you make movies that show off your acting chops.

Neopets– Neopets is an online virtual pet world where you can create an account and create your own virtual pets. You can purchase items for your virtual pet and you have to take care of your virtual pet in the virtual world in which you can explore. You will need to play with your virtual pet and feed it and the healthier your pet is the more games and activities you can play. The good part about Neopets is that your pet will never die, even if neglected, but being neglectful will hinder your ability to play all of the games.

Poptropica In Poptropica, you can travel to various Islands and play games or compete with other players in head-to-head competitions. You can also read books, stories and comics in Poptropica and also chat with other players. There are many games in Poptropica and challenges that you have to complete at each of the Islands.

Roblox Roblox is a user-generated MMO which is aimed at children between the ages of 8 and 18. You can create your own game and then share your game with the community and there are several tools available for you to complete this. You also can customize your character in Roblox and play the games that other people have made as well. You will find out that a game like this can be really fun especially if you like sharing your creations with others and playing the games that other users have uploaded.

Star Doll Girls will love Star Doll because this is a virtual world where you dress up your own virtual doll and try to become famous. This is an online fashion game in which you can play games, chat with friends, and go shopping for the latest trends and hot accessories for your virtual doll. This is your chance if you like celebrities and playing dress up. There are so many ways to customize your avatar and doll in this game that you will spend hours just making your doll unique.

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Star Stable– Star Stable is a 3D world in which you can purchase horses and then go horse riding and even horse racing. You can chat with other members as well as complete various games, missions and quests with your horse. There are even special events you can do such as jumping competitions and you will love this game if you are into horse riding at all.

Webkinz In Webkinz, you are part of a virtual world and you have a virtual pet in which you create by purchasing a real plush stuffed animal. You can play games, chat with friends, get a job, earn virtual currency, cook and decorate your own Webkinz room in this fun world. You will be able to play with as many Webkinz as you want in this virtual world so long as you own the stuffed animal and register that animal on the Webkinz site. You can play for free or get the Deluxe VIP membership for even more games and jobs.

Wizard101 Wizard101 is an MMORPG in which you take on the role of a student involved in Witchcraft and Wizardry. Wizard101 uses a turn-based combat system and you have to beat your enemies using various spells and magical potions. If you like skills, potions and other types of Witchcraft and Wizardry then this is a game you will love, especially with all of the characters that you can become in the game.

Woozworld– Woozworld is an MMO in which you are able to dress up your avatar, go shopping, chat with friends and also you can become famous. This is a social networking and virtual world aimed at girls because it is all about fashion, shopping and trying to find stardom. The more friends you make in this game the more famous you will become and the more fashion shows you will be able to do.

Currently these are all of the games available on FreeGameMemberships but we are always looking to add more games to our collection. All of these games are aimed at children and teenagers of all skill sets and personalities. The best part about the games that we offer free game memberships for is that these are all very fun games that have many games and activities built into them. If you sign up for FreeGameMemberships, then you will be able to quickly earn points towards a membership for all of these games we have available on our website.

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