All About Animal Jam Safety

When you play Animal Jam, regardless of whether you have a free membership or paid membership, there are many safety measures in place to protect you as a player.

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If you have a child that is playing Animal Jam you might be wondering about the safety of Animal Jam, and we wanted to let you know some of the ways Animal Jam is protecting your child at all times in the game.

Animal Jam Safety Measures:

Various Chat Filters- If you have a paid membership you have access to the better chat which gives you more leeway on what you can type. It does not matter whether you have a free membership or paid membership as all in-game chatting is moderated and there are filters in place to block the inappropriate content players might try to type. There are various chat options available but all of them have the chat filters so you know your children are not seeing or typing anything inappropriate. Even though the chat filters in Animal Jam are really good, sometimes messages can get through, so it’s important to know to block and report those players who engage in those nasty messages immediately.

Parental Controls- There are a lot of Parental Controls in Animal Jam that allows parents to control the activities and content in the game. The Parental Controls are through the Parent Dashboard and this allows all parents to control their children’s player account. You will need to make a parent account if your child wants to play Animal Jam and you will be able to login to your Parent Dashboard to view activities and change settings as needed. We already told you previously about all of the cool things you can do in the Parent Dashboard, including looking at the history and activities of your child in the game.

Moderation- There is moderation in Animal Jam all of the time, regardless of the time of day or day of the week. The moderators are highly-trained and will review everything in the game, including activities and reports. Moderators take quick action if a player is found to be in violation of any Animal Jam rules, which can include suspensions or bans, and if the player did something bad enough a lifetime ban can occur. Parents are notified of all actions on a player account through the moderators and they will get an email through the address associated with the Parent Account.

Blocking and Reporting- In Animal Jam you can block and report other players, which is something you can do whether you have a free membership or paid membership. If you notice a player breaking rules such as being rude or inappropriate, you can block that player and then report them. Blocking will ensure they cannot get back into contact with you and reporting them will send a report to the moderators to see if the person is breaking Animal Jam rules. You can lock your dens in Animal Jam too which blows players from going into your den unless they are on your Friend List. You can even block someone on your Friend List but you will need to remove them from your list for the username to get off your Friend List.

Various Animal Jam Chats

In Animal Jam parents can monitor everything from the Parent Dashboard and one of the things you can monitor are the chats. You can change which type of chat your child has access to, although the Safe Chat is available only for paid members. The other chat options are available for free members of Animal Jam and you can change them all from the parent account. We wanted to tell you about some of these chat options that you can allow your child to use in Animal Jam.

Restricted Bubble Chat- This is the strictest chat on Animal Jam and basically it is where you can only use pre-approved phrases. You will need to contact support for Animal Jam to get this chat enabled.

Bubble Chat- You can select pre-approved phrases and words in this chat and players cannot type their own messages. You can still see the chat bar but cannot use it, and you need to click on the icons to select the words, phrases or emojis that you want to use.

Restricted Chat- The Restricted Chat is where you can type words and phrases but only from a limited dictionary. This is a safe way for children to learn how to talk to other players without going off and typing anyting they want. Basically it is like predictive text on mobile phones, where it is auto selected and this is the default setting for all Animal Jam accounts.

Safe Chat– If you have a VIP membership to Animal Jam you can use the Safe Chat. This is where you can type freely to other players, although the messages are still run through the chat filters. You need to have a Parent Dashboard enabled to get this chat and this is the most loose of all of the chat options. This is the chat that is available to members so if you want your child to use this chat then you need to purchase an Animal Jam membership.

Reporting and Blocking Players

Reporting Players- If you want to report a player simply click on their animal name and this brings up the Player Card. Click on “Report Player” and then select a reason for reporting. Once you do that hit the “Report” button which is green. A moderator then will look over the report and take action if needed on that player.

Blocking Players- If you want to block a player click on their name to bring up the Player Card and then click on the “Block Player” button, which is in red. You need to click “OK” which is the green button to confirm you want to block that player. That player will then be blocked and you will not be able to see anything they say in the chat and they can no longer contact you.

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