Activities You Can Find in Club Penguin

Club Penguin is a virtual world for children where they can go and do many different activities in a winter-themed virtual world. You can play Club Penguin with a free membership, but getting a paid membership gives you access to more features and exclusives of the game. In Club Penguin, you go around the virtual world using a penguin avatar, and with so many things to do, you will spend hours just exploring and learning in a whole new fun and interactive way!

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We thought it would be a good idea to let you know all of the cool things you can do in Club Penguin. A lot of parents might not be sure of what Club Penguin is or how it works, so it is always a good idea to know a little bit more about a game before you let your child create an account. If you are thinking of playing Club Penguin yourself, this guide will tell you all about the fun and adventure you can have if you join Club Penguin. You can do any of these things whether you have a free membership or paid membership, but the paid membership will just give you more options and abilities for each of the cool activities you can do in the game.

Club Penguin Activities & Features

Adopt Pets– In Club Penguin, you will be able to adopt a lot of pets in the game. If you have a paid membership, you can adopt more pets than if you just have the free membership though. Adopting pets helps children learn responsibilities because you have to keep all of them alive. The pet Puffles also are cool because you will feel needed and like someone is depending on you to live, just like a real pet. These pets are important for various parts of the game and can help keep you safe as you travel the islands and explore in Club Penguin.

Play Games- There are more than 20 games in Club Penguin that you will be able to play, and even adults can have fun and enjoy playing a lot of these games. Playing games is one of the best parts about Club Penguin and with such a selection of games to choose from, you will never run out of ways to have fun and earn currency in the game.

Customize Penguins- If you like to show off your individuality, then you will really like how you can customize your penguins in Club Penguin. There are always new outfits coming out that you can purchase in the game to keep your penguin looking stylish and just like you. Anything you want to purchase for your Club Penguin is available, including hats and even a tuxedo. If you have a VIP membership to Club Penguin, there are even more accessories and clothing options just for members to choose from.

Chatting- In Club Penguin, you are supposed to be social which means you will be able to enjoy the chat features of the game. The safe chat allows children to talk to other players in the game by suggesting certain phrases. There are filters in place to block the inappropriate content and language. This part of the game really hits at the community vibe of Club Penguin, because you will be able to make new friends and learn the values of friendship, even if it is just on an online level. You will be able to talk to new people from all over the world, which can help children understand differences between people and cultures and it can improve their sense of compassion for others.

Igloo Decorating- If decorating is your thing, then you will love how you can decorate your own igloos in Club Penguin. There are new items every month that come out for the igloos, such as making a dental office igloo or a more stylish disco igloo. This really hits the imagination and creativity area of children because they can come up with their own themes and decor for their igloos and show off their decorating skills in a new interactive way. There are many tools available in the game to let children show off their creativity and imagination in terms of decorating their igloo and making it unique and special to them. If you have a VIP membership to Club Penguin, you can get even more igloos and items for each house.

Parties– Another cool feature of Club Penguin is monthly parties that everyone can come to in the game. You can make your own parties during the month and invite friends, which is also a cool way to make new friends by inviting friends and having them bring their friends to your party. While small parties you create can be fun, the communities come together once a month for a Club Penguin party for all to enjoy in a single location. These parties are for special events either in the game or real world like Christmas or Halloween, and can be a great way to meet new players and make new friends.

Ninja- You can play the action-packed games like Card-Jitsu and progress through as a ninka. You will need to battle fire and water and many other things to become a ninja in the game, and this is something really cool and gets you on your way to becoming a virtual ninja.

Secret Agent- You will also be able to join the Secret Agent program in Club Penguin. This special club is called the Elite Penguin Force, and you can go on special missions as part of this program. The Secret Agents protect the island in Club Penguin and keep everything safe for all. You can join to become a Secret Agent regardless of whether you have a free membership or VIP membership.

Weekly New Content- There is new content every week on Club Penguin, such as new clothing items, new igloo items and new adventures you can explore. If you have a paid membership you will get exclusive areas you can go to each week and it is really fun. The new content and areas to explore in Club Penguin help children discover new things about themselves and the game. You never know what new island secrets or adventures you will find next.

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