5 Reasons Why You Should Have a Club Penguin Membership

If you’re thinking about getting a Club penguin membership for your points, you’re probably already playing and experiencing everything Club Penguin has to offer free members, but what if there was more? What’s that? With a Club Penguin membership, you have access to everything!


You can use your coins to buy clothes and accessories.

With a free membership, the customization options for your penguin are very limited, when you are first joining up, you are only able to pick a color for your penguin, however, if you do decide to get a paid membership, you can do so much more to you penguin avatar to make it reflect your own personality. Paid members can dress their penguins in really cool outfits and even add cool accessories like hats, belts, jewelry and various other things. You can even give you penguin a cool hairstyle to further customize. You can get the latest up to date fashions for your penguin to truly express your unique style and individuality. There are various ways that free members can access some free clothing, but there is nowhere near as much selection for them as there is for paid members.

You can use your coins to buy igloo upgrades, locations and furniture.

Igloos are apparently the natural homes of penguins in this community, everyone member and non-member of Club Penguin is able to buy an igloo, whilst non-members are only able to obtain the basic igloo and special edition party igloos, there is an igloo catalog from which members can choose from a very wide variety of igloos. Members are able to change to location of their igloo and can also purchase lots of decorations and furniture which they can then place in their igloo, whereas, non-members can only place up to six pieces of furniture in their igloo, so their décor choice is severely limited.

Adopt lots of puffles in ANY color.

Whilst non-members are only able to purchase two puffles in two different colors – red and blue, paid members are able to adopt up to 45 puffles in any color they want. Paid members get so much more to choose from and get to choose the pet puffle of their choice; they can also be accessorized with puffle hats. They can also be taken into games so that you can earn extra coins and points.

Access all game levels.

There are almost thirty games available to both free members and paid members, however paid members are able to access higher levels that free members are not allowed to play, and are able to make more coins from these levels.

Get more free items during parties.

As a free member you are able to get a few free items when you attend parties, whereas paid members are able to access exclusive party rooms where they can get lots of free rare and exclusive items.

As a bonus reason to become a Club Penguin member, they donate 20% of all of their membership revenue to various charities. So while you’re enjoying playing the game with a paid membership, you can also feel good about the fact that part of your membership fee will be going towards a charity.

Club Penguin has various membership rates; $7.75 for a month subscription, $39.95 for a six month subscription and $59.95 for a year subscription, but remember to ask your parents about a paid membership first!

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