Free Animal Jam Membership Codes 2017

How To Get Started!

After you set up your account, login to your dashboard to view offers available to earn points.  You can sort the offers by how many points they give you or what type of offer it is.  Make sure the offers are from the same country you are from.  We recommend starting with game downloads or surveys if this is your first time earning a free animal jam membership.  These are some of the easiest ways to earn points and they are awarded within a couple minutes of completion. So if you want to get your AJ Codes as quickly as possible this is probably the best option. That said feel free to do whatever point offers look the best to you!

If you have any questions on how to get started, take a look at this guide to see how to begin earning a free Animal Jam membership.

Free Game Memberships is one of the only sites to offer free Animal Jam memberships in 2017. We’re also the oldest and most trustworthy, being around for over 6 years! All you have to do to get started is sign up and use either the download version or online version of the user panel. Either way the offers are the same and you can follow the steps to start earning points. Once the points start rolling in you can use your points on an animal jam membership code or any other rewards we have currently available like club penguin, moviestarplanet, or even roblox! So what are you waiting for? It’s time to signup and start earning those points for your next free membership!

2017 Animal Jam Membership Benefits:

– Exclusive clothing and den items for Animal Jam members only.

– Access to all the different animals available in Jamaa

– Free access and invites to all the exclusive parties and adventures that are for members only

– Up to 24 spaces for animals.

– Access to every pet from the animaljam pet store in 2017.

– Ability to customize your name tag color and image.

– Get a free diamond every week that you can spend on rare animals, items, and pets. The game is so much better when you have diamonds and now you get one every week!

– Early access to new areas and adventures.

Start today and you can earn a free Animal Jam 2017 membership in no time!  Best of all our average redemption is under 15 minutes, so if you submit your points we should be able to send your AJ code within 15 minutes to your email. If you would rather have a physical card mailed to you that’s also an option. It really is that easy to earn free game membership codes at  It’s time to get a one month, three month, or even six month animal jam member code!

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